We have used range of biodiesel blends from B5 to B40 in our fleet of Heavy Trucks, Utes and other diesel vehicles since 2007.

We enjoy using an Environmentally Sustainable Fuel manufactured locally, from locally generated waste cooking oils and sold by a local company.

In fact we believe so much in the product and the potential that when the opportunity arose in 2013 Stark Bros become a shareholder in GreenFuels™, before

the Fulton Hogan purchase.

Andrew Stark

CEO, Stark Bros Ltd, Lyttelton

GreenFuels™ have been very easy to work with and have been professional, available and helpful in all of our dealings with them. We have used bio diesel in our company vehicles and foremost in our boiler. We were the first company in New Zealand to switch our boiler from diesel to biodiesel in 2011 and have successfully run it on biodiesel since then. We have our carbon emissions independently monitored quarterly and since we made the change to GreenFuels™ we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint which is in keeping with our company philosophy to be the most sustainable industrial laundry in New Zealand.

Alan Borthwick

Managing Director, Apparelmaster ChCh Ltd

We currently operate 4 inshore fishing trawlers, catching and landing market fresh fish into the Port of Lyttelton.

We have exclusively used a range of biodiesel blends from B5 to B100 since 2007, and while as a contract catcher little marketing benefit is currently derived, we expect over time marketing of our fish in conjunction to biodiesel use will be an option, in the meantime we enjoy using an Environmentally Sustainable Fuel manufactured locally from locally generated waste cooking oils.

Delivery of biodiesel direct to our vessels by GreenFuels™ also takes away the hassle of fueling our vessels, giving the skippers more time on the fishing grounds or at home which is beneficial.

We would not hesitate to recommend the products as manufactured and distributed by GreenFuels™.

Tim Stark

Ocean Fisheries, Lyttelton

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