Switching to Biodiesel

Deciding to Switch to Biodiesel

The decision whether to switch will normally come down to a small number of points, which will be based on weighing up the significant benefits of using biodiesel versus any rare complications. GreenFuels™ is here to provide further assistance, so contact us by email or phone if you have any questions.

Where do I get  biodiesel?

GreenFuels™ provides bulk tanker supplies directly to the storage tanks of our customers’ businesses and organisations, or direct to vehicles throughout New Zealand. In Christchurch and Queenstown, we have easy-access refueling stations. Partner distributors also have additional fuel facilities at various locations around the country. We do not have a drive-up filling facility for vehicles but can fill drums.

Fuels in the marketplace

GreenFuels™ can supply biodiesel in its 100% form, but most customers use it as a blend with mineral diesel. These blends include the following:


In New Zealand, diesel may contain up to 5% biodiesel without notice. Engine manufacturers accept this level of biodiesel so long as all relevant fuel standards are complied with. And the fuel supplier has an obligation to meet the relevant standards, including a fit for common purpose requirement. Thus these standards protect the consumer. In the event of a fault occurring the engine manufacturer has an obligation to make good if the engine is still under warranty (unless if the fuel was found to be sub-standard, in which case the fuel supplier has an obligation to make good). Therefore from the equipment owner’s perspective there are no warranty issues for biodiesel blends up to NZ5.


Higher biodiesel blends As has been mentioned, some engine manufacturers limit their warranty where higher biodiesel content fuels are used and this is where the equipment owner should check to be clear about the warranty status of their equipment. Some equipment owners also refer to the engine manufacturer’s warranty statement as a general guide as to whether the use of higher biodiesel fuels can be used with their particular equipment. As indicated above, this may not in fact provide a good indication of the compatibility of a particular engine with biodiesel fuels.


Contact GreenFuels™ for the suitability of the application for using 100% biodiesel.

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