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Service, convenience, and a competitive price are at the core of what GreenFuels™ stands for. Our biodiesel is a superior energy and a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly alternative to straight diesel.

We love Canterbury and want to do our part to keep it green. We also want our customers to get a quality fuel for their businesses, and help them create greener credentials worthy of the Garden City.

Last but not least, our prices are some of the best in town, and we’re positive we can offer great greener fuel for the same, if not a better, price you would pay for normal diesel. We deliver to homes, farms, commercial properties, fishing vessels, and to on-site machinery.


GreenFuels™ is the green energy of choice throughout Canterbury. Our tanker fleet includes 3,500-litre minitanker, a 4,000-litre minitanker, and two full-size 12,000-litre tankers. They have 40-metre hoses and can deliver either diesel or biodiesel to any home, farm, wharf or work site. We can supply, install, maintain, and refill onsite tanks – all the convenience of a private pump for your company’s exclusive use, free of charge. With scheduled deliveries, you’ll always have the fuel you need, when you need it.

Tank Sizes:

  • 500L
  • 1,000L
  • 1,200L
  • 2,000L
  • 3,000L
  • 5,000L
  • 10,000L

Other tank sizes up to 50,000 litres available on request.

If an on-site tank isn’t possible, we also provide on-site filling for machinery, trailer tanks, drums and jerry cans, and our drivers are always available for a refill between deliveries, should you need a bit extra.

Our management team are hands-on people who take their clients’ needs seriously. You’ll often see them out on deliveries! Any questions, thoughts or concerns, they are always available for a chat. Give us a call today. We’re keen to help!

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