Benefits of Biodiesel

Why change to biodiesel?

Switching to more sustainable fuel options has become increasingly important, as our awareness of the negative impacts of global fossil fuels grows. The biodiesel component of biodiesel is made from used cooking oil, making biodiesel a great renewable fuel source.

Because we exclusively use canola-based vegetable oil, as well as ensuring a strict screening process, we meet the fuel standards for both New Zealand engines and European biofuel regulation. Every tank of biodiesel that we create is independently tested.

Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Fuel

For every tonne of used cooking oil provided to make biodiesel, New Zealand’s CO2 emissions are reduced by at least two tonnes when compared to using mineral diesel. It also helps clear the air, reducing particulate emissions by up to 50%.

Biodiesel produces less hazardous exhaust emissions, including a significant reduction in the visible smoke when high-blend proportions of biodiesel are used.

Biodiesel is also less hazardous to the environment so, in the event of a spill, biodiesel B100 (100% biodiesel) degrades quickly.

Operational benefits

  • greenfuelA reduction in engine noise
  • greenfuelImproved fuel lubricity, providing added protection to fuel-injection components
  • greenfuelBiodiesel is a much safer and simpler fuel to store and handle than traditional mineral diesel
sustainable fuel

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