About Us

Our History

Green Fuels was established when GreenFuels purchased the biodiesel manufacturing assets from Biodiesel New Zealand Ltd. We’re passionate about making environmentally friendly fuels and helping our customers make a positive environmental difference.

Story of Biodiesel

GreenFuels manufactures Biogold™ branded biodiesel in Christchurch and it’s made from 100% recycled rapeseed (Canola) oil. It is sold throughout New Zealand and supplied to fleet operators, fishing boats and tourism ventures whose owners appreciate its operational and maintenance advantages over mineral diesel.

A Greener Future

As a member of both the Sustainable Business Network and the BioEnergy Association, we’re committed to a healthier, brighter future for New Zealand. Because Biogold™ is an easy substitute for conventional petroleum diesel engines, there’s no excuse not to join us on our crusade to help the New Zealand environment.

The Green Fuels Cycle

Biogold™ recycles used material and is contributing to a cleaner New Zealand. We collect used cooking oil to create our unique fuel alternative for fuel purposes, a practice that’s only very recently begun in New Zealand. By using a waste product, our fuel does not interfere with the food imperative, and agricultural land and resources contribute towards food, not fuel. New Zeland produces up to 4 million litres of biodiesel per year – with the hope that we’ll see this number grow exponentially in the future.

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