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The need for a sustainable biofuel alternative is now greater than ever. GreenFuels™ specialises in providing New Zealand with biodiesel, a less-hazardous, environmentally friendly fuel that can directly replace conventional petroleum diesel needs. We make it right here in New Zealand and pride ourselves on offering a fuel alternative that can really make a difference. Our biodiesel is made from 100% recycled vegetable oil. We refine it in our Christchurch factory and then ship the resulting biofuel out to our clients. Next time you splash a bit of Canola oil on your frying pan, just picture that same oil being used to power cars, heaters, and so much more. If your business is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and do its part for the environment, GreenFuels™ can provide the solution you’ve been searching for.

Environmentally Friendly

Biodiesel is a renewable, environmentally-friendly fuel that can directly replace conventional petroleum diesel.

Easy to Switch

In most cases, biodiesel is a direct replacement for diesel fuel, with no modifications to engines or parts necessary.

Competitively priced

Our biodiesel is very competitively priced, and, depending on the blend – can even be more economical than ordinary diesel.

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